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Well Repair

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Well & Pump Repair:

While you may not see issues in the well itself, there are a number of parts and pieces that could malfunction over time and use in your home well system. Like any other appliance, your well system will need regular maintenance to keep it running on track. Some common issues to keep an eye on:

Quality issues: Have you noticed unusual smells, tastes, or colors in your drinking water? Corroded piping or a failing filtration system could be to blame.

Low water: Are you getting less than standard amounts of water from your taps? Are you noticing buildup on your piping or leaks around your system?

Irregular cycling: Can you hear your pump turning off and on repeatedly or turning on for no reason? In use, a normal pump should cycle every 30 to 90 seconds — short cycles could mean damage to the pressure switch, pressure tank, or even the pump itself.

If your system is showing any of the issues above or otherwise not running in its standard manner, give Ace Well & Pump Services a call. Our skilled team of technicians can find the source of the issue and get your system running effectively and efficiently.

well repair services nc

Pump Repair

Are you getting poor water pressure or little-to-no water from your faucets? If you’ve already checked your electrical system and seen that the switch is on (or flipped the switch on and all is going smoothly there), the next step is to check your pressure tank. If the gauge shows low or no pressure, then it’s time to give us a call. We can determine where the issue lies with your well water system and make any necessary repairs or replacements. You may have a pump or pressure tank that is too small for your home’s needs, and it may have worn out from over-performing to keep up with water demand. A larger replacement pump or pressure tank can keep your water system running smoothly for longer. Another issue that we frequently see in faulty pumps is that the sediment content in your well may have acted as an abrasive and worn down the pump’s bearings or other components over time.

We offer a full range of well pump repair services and well pump services and can also determine whether a faulty pressure tank or pressure switch needs replacing — a much less costly repair than a full pump replacement.

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